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MEd 3.0 - A TaeRichEdit Component Demonstration

MEd started out as a simple replacement for WordPad.  It turned into a monster....  There were no complete RichEdit 2.0 components when I began the project and precious little information beyond Microsoft sample programs.  Eventually, the code developed for MEd became the basis of the TaeRichEdit Component.  And a while after that, the Component became the basis for a new version of MEd.

I originally wrote MEd because I wanted WordPad to do a few more things, or do them differently – things like:

These were some of the features that I wanted, but many more were added along the way....

I am posting this unfinished work for those curious about what can be done with the bits and pieces of code from this site.  Be warned that MEd is really, really unfinished.  There are unimplemented menu items (although the related toolbar buttons may work), features that are only partially implemented, and the first time that you run it, it will complain that the configuration was lost (just ignore the warning).  However, I am already finding it to be a very useful tool and thought that you might want to see the Rich Edit 2.0 control in action.

MEd Screen Shot

You may download the executable for this work-in-progress by clicking on the link below.  Since this is an unfinished work, you are welcome to report bugs, but please do not expect fixes.  In fact, you probably should not expect a reply, as I may be overwhelmed with bug reports and, hey, this is just an example of what can be done.

Before downloading MEd, please read the following notes:

Finally, and most importantly, you use this program at your own risk.  Absolutely and without exception.  Period.

Download (MEd executable only)
Last updated 04-29-2001, 560KB


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