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Using Rich Edit 2.0 With BCB

Rich Edit 2.0 is an updated version of the Rich Edit control.  It includes additional features such as:

Disclaimer:  The above list is based primarily on the online documentation available at Microsoft's developer site (MSDN).  I have tested only some of this functionality.  Before getting all excited over some feature that you absolutely must have but dread to code up yourself, visit MSDN and make sure that the above is correct.  On the other hand, some functionality seems to be supported that the documentation is incorrect, both on MSDN and in the header files.  As an example, the dotted underline style is supported in my Win98 version of Rich Edit 2.0 despite all statements to the contrary.  The bottom line is:  If you need the functionality and it is mentioned anywhere, try it -- but do not count on it until you have confirmed that it works.

Rich Edit 2.0 Availability Information

Rich Edit 1.0 is implemented in riched32.dll.  The newer version is implemented in riched20.dll.  To see if you already have version 2.0, search your drive for riched20.dll.

Unfortunately for those who do not already have it, I have been unable to determine where it comes from.  I did find the following unhelpful comment on the Microsoft Developer site (MSDN):

"Windows 95: Windows 95 ships only RICHED32.DLL.  However, RICHED20.DLL is compatible with Windows 95 and may be present if an application that uses rich edit 2.0 has been installed on the system."

My best guess is that it comes with Internet Explorer 4.0.  My second guess is that it comes with the Common Controls 4.0 update (40comupd.exe) which is available free from Microsoft's site.  If you have a better guess or, better yet, have solved the mystery, please, please let me know.

Updated Rich Edit 2.0 Availability Information 

Kenneth R. de Camargo, Jr., reports definite origins on a "clean machine" of either Office 97 or the Win95 service pack.

Gerard Patel reports that he "can confirm that you can get the thing [riched20.dll] for free by downloading the 4 mb Word Viewer 97.  A little overkill maybe<g>."

I believe that it is included in Windows98.

Sample Code Availability

Both BCB 1.0 & 3.0 use Rich Edit 1.0.  An example of adapting the VCL TRichEdit class to use the Rich Edit 2.0 control is available in the Code Samples section of this site.  Among other things, the sample demonstrates how to:

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