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Yet Another Code Site

This site is dedicated to advancing the understanding of Borland's C++ Builder, the Borland Visual Component Library (VCL), and related Microsoft Windows API issues.

In particular, I have spent an inexcusable amount of time working through many of the problems associated with Rich Edit controls.  Here you will find information on using OLE with Rich Edit controls, using the relatively unknown Rich Edit version 2.0, using the even newer Rich Edit version 3.0, answers to frequently asked questions about Rich Edit controls, and other information that I hope you will find useful.

To save others a little effort, I have made most of the code that I use available for downloading.  Unless otherwise stated, you may use it freely with the following limitation:  You may not distribute the code to others.  Please send them here if they are interested.  If you find the code useful, a little credit would be appreciated, but is not required.

New Stuff

Things recently added or changed on the site.  Typically, only the last five or six changes are noted here so, if you have not been here in a while, you might want to scan through this entire page.


BCB4 Code Sample BCB5 Code Sample The TAE TraceToolKit Is Now Available (October 17, 2000)
The most frustrating part of being a developer is not getting useful debugging information from users.  With this small toolkit, you can get detailed trace information from your users.  See the Code Samples section for new code.

TaeRichEdit Component users:  I am adding trace support to the TaeRichEdit Component.  You will be able to disable the trace support for release builds, of course. (Actually, you will be able to disable the trace support in debug builds as well.)

StarOffice Is Now Open Source! (October 13, 2000)
StarOffice, a free Microsoft Office compatible application suite for Windows, Unix, and Solaris (a Macintosh version coming soon) is now available as open source.  See the Open Source Efforts links for more information.

BCB4 Code Sample BCB5 Code Sample Interim Bug Fixes for the TaeRichEdit Component Available (September 9, 2000)
Interim bug fixes for the TaeRichEdit Component are now available which address GPF problems with certain printers, improve STL compatibility, and correct certain problems not previously reported.  The changes are not yet fully incorporated into the component beta distribution code but are supplied as replacements for *.cpp & *.h files in the distribution.  See the TaeRichEdit Component section for more information.

BCB5 Code Sample New Code:  Regular Expression Searches
After some lengthy effort, I have developed a light-weight class to implement regular expression searches for TRichEdit components.  See the Code Samples section for the TTaeRegExp class.  If you do not know what "regular expressions" are, check out the Regular Expression Syntax.page.  (Note: This code "upgrades" the BCB/VCL from PCRE 2.x to PCRE 3.4.)

Open Source Efforts Links
Thanks to site visitors, I recently became aware of open source efforts that may interest you.  Some of these include near replacements for Rich Edit controls, RTF compatible editors, syntax-highlighting editors, and sites with links to other open source endeavors.  See the new Open Source Efforts links.

Code Section

Free code samples, snippets, and cheap tricks.  Please see the restrictions on redistribution at the top of this page.


TaeRichEdit Component

The TaeRichEdit Component is a full-featured TRichEdit analogue.  It supports Rich Edit 2.0 & 3.0 character and paragraph formatting; provides OLE support (including embedded graphics); expands printing options to include headers, footers, and border lines; and much more.  The Borland C++ Builder (no Delphi) source is included.  The component is free for non-commercial use.

September 09, 2000:  A set of interim fixes for version is now available.

Component information and downloads

Component bug reports and history


Code Samples

Most of the code samples were written in BCB 3.0 and should be simple to port to BCB 4.0.  Recent and future code samples are or will be BCB 4.0.  See the FAQ section for information on using the controls with BCB 1.0.


Rich Edit 3.0 Code Samples
Rich Edit 3.0 is now freely available to developers.  If you have it, here is the code you need to get started (a really basic class to get v3.0 loaded) and code samples to demonstrate the new features that I have tested (paragraph numbering, zoom in/out, saving/restoring the scroll position, etc.), MSDN documentation errors that I have overcome, and unexpected limitations that I have encountered.  This page will definitely be changing frequently for a while, so check back often.
Go to the Rich Edit 3.0 Code Samples page.  Last updated 05-29-1999.

If you do not yet have the new Rich Edit control DLL, see the FAQs section for an overview of the promised new features.

MEd – A Rich Edit 2.0 Sample
MEd is the project for which most of the code on this site was developed.  The program executable is posted here as an example of what can be done with the Rich Edit 2.0 control.  If you find code on this site that does not work as expected, as a favor to me, try this executable to determine if the sample code is munged or if my "best effort" does not solve the problem.
Go to the MEd - A Rich Edit 2.0 Sample page.  Last updated 06-25-1999.

Add OLE functionality to TRichEdit (TRichEditOle & TRichEditOleCallback classes)
Want to insert a bitmap into a TRichEdit component?  Here is some code you can use that adds bitmap support and more.
Download RichEditOle.zip.  Last updated 08-30-2000, 12KB.

Add Rich Edit 2.0 functionality to TRichEdit (TRichEdit20 class)
The Microsoft Rich Edit control v2.0 adds multiple undo/redo and much more.  See Using Rich Edit 2.0 with BCB for more information.  (Note:  This class optionally uses the TRichEditOle & TRichEditOleCallback classes above.)  This download also contains classes that extend the TTextAttributes and TParaAttributes classes to provide support for the WinAPI CHARFORMAT2 and PARAFORMAT2 structures.  These classes, TTextAttributes2 and TParaAttributes2, further extend the VCL classes to set individual character styles to text selections containing a mix of formats.
Download RichEdit20.zip.  Last updated 10-04-1998, 115KB.

Access RTF codes in TRichEdit (TRichEditRawRtf class)
Need to copy formatted text from one TRichEdit control to another?  Want to insert RTF format codes directly into a TRichEdit control?  This class makes it simple.
Download RichEditRawRtf.zip.  Last updated 10-19-1998, 13KB.

Use the native Windows Browse Folders Dialog (TBrowseFolders component class)
The Borland VCL implements almost every common dialog that you might need – except for this one.  If you want to let users select a folder (but not a specific file), this component may help.
BCB3 Code Sample
Download BrowseFoldersBcb3.zip.  Last updated 07-19-1998, 4KB.
BCB4 Code Sample Download BrowseFoldersBcb4.zip.  Last updated 04-26-1999, 4KB.

Use the native Windows Page Setup Dialog (TPageSetupDialog component class)
Oddly, the Borland VCL does not include a Page Setup Dialog component.  Here is my solution.
BCB3 Code Sample
Download PageSetupBcb3.zip.  Last updated 07-19-1998, 4KB.
BCB4 Code Sample Download PageSetupBcb4.zip.  Last updated 04-26-1999, 4KB.

Windows mailslots class (TMailSlot class).
Add "mailslots" to your application. Can be used to ensure that only one instance of an application runs and, if needed, let secondary instances send messages to the first application instance. 
(For a more common approach to this problem, see The Singleton Application at The Bits hosted by UK-BUG.)
BCB4 Code Sample Download MailSlot.zip.  Last updated 02-24-2000, 16KB.

Microsoft Office RTF Converters (TRtfConverter & TRtfConverterList classes).
Import or export a variety of Microsoft Office file formats to and from TRichEdit controls.
Download RichEditConv.zip.  Last updated 02-06-1999, 51KB.

Regular expressions searches for Rich Edit controls (TTaeRegExp class)
A light-weight class to add regular expression searches to TRichEdit controls.  The class supports both forward and reverse searches.  For an explanation of the VCL regular expression syntax, see the Regular Expression Syntax page.
BCB5 Code Sample Download TaeRegExp.zip.  Last updated 08-27-2000, 36KB.

Upgrading the BCB regular expression library to PCRE 3.4
The regular expression library shipped with BCB4 & 5 is based upon PCRE 2.x.  This archive includes the entire PCRE 3.4 distribution, code modifications for BCB5, project files for building the new version of the library, and updated versions of the TTaeRegExp class and demonstration code.
BCB5 Code Sample Download PCRE3.4.zip.  Last updated 09-02-2000, 463KB.

The TAE TraceToolKit
The most frustrating part of being a developer is not getting useful debugging information from users.  If you are willing to invest a little time, you can get detailed trace information from your users.
BCB4 Code Sample BCB5 Code Sample Download TaeTraceToolkit.zip.  Last updated 10-19-2000, 406KB.

Code Snippets

Small pieces of code that have proved useful more than once.



If you are willing to invest a little brain-power to understand the small snips of code, you can learn how to:

  • Send the contents of a TRichEdit via e-mail using MAPI.

  • Get the user's Windows login name.

  • Get the icon or title associated with a file type.

  • Get the long name of a file.

  • Convert a byte to hexadecimal.

  • And more...

Go to the Code Snippets Page
Last updated 03-03-2001.

Cheap Tricks

Even smaller pieces of code, IDE settings, other miscellaneous tricks and tips taken largely from newsgroup posts.  They are not necessarily tested, complete, or accurate, so use them at your own risk.  (Worse yet for mono-lingual visitors, the tricks may be Delphi or assembler code.)



Go to the Cheap Tricks Page
Last updated 03-06-2001.


Extended discussions on particularly vexing programming problems.


Rich Edit Control Papers

Extended discussions on how to use Rich Edit controls.  Start with these and you can skip many of the FAQs.


Window handles vs. TRichEdit and other VCL controls. Applies to BCB3 Applies to BCB4
The VCL does not always create controls when you would expect.  Worse yet, sometimes it destroys and recreates them, silently destroying your changes to the WinAPI.
Last updated 10-28-1998.

BCB 1.0 & 3.0 TRichEdit bugs. Applies to BCB3
Not a comprehensive list of bugs, but definitely some you need to know about.  BCB4 bugs to be added as soon as I find any....
Last updated 08-04-1999.

Using Rich Edit 2.0 with BCB. Applies to BCB3 Applies to BCB4
All versions of the TRichEdit control use the Microsoft Rich Edit 1.0 control.  Rich Edit v
2.0 adds a lot of features to the Rich Edit control.  Here is a summary of what is new and where you can get it (maybe).
Last updated 10-28-1998.

Printing and Previewing Rich Edit Controls - Part 1: About TRichEdit::Print(). Applies to BCB3 Applies to BCB4
You can print TRichEdit text using Print().  Here is why it may not be good enough.
Last updated 10-22-1998.

Printing and Previewing Rich Edit Controls - Part 2: Printing Rich Edit Controls. Applies to BCB3 Applies to BCB4
An excruciatingly detailed explanation of printing Rich Edit text to a printer.
Last updated 06-30-1999.

Printing and Previewing Rich Edit Controls - Part 3: Previewing Rich Edit Controls. Applies to BCB3 Applies to BCB4
An equally excruciating explanation of displaying a preview of Rich Edit text – and some imperfections.
Last updated 05-14-2001.

Printing and Previewing Rich Edit Controls - Part 4: Page-Breaks in Rich Edit Controls. Applies to BCB3 Applies to BCB4
Adding page-breaks turned out to be easier than I expected.  This part explains one technique and includes sample code.
Last updated 06-27-1999.

Faster Rich Edit Syntax Highlighting. Applies to BCB3 Applies to BCB4
This is a Microsoft Word97 document containing the full text of an article that appeared in the October 1999 issue of the C++Builder Developer's Journal.
Last updated 02-12-2000.

Other Papers

Extended discussions on other topics.  Windows API and VCL issues are the focus.


Creating a Windows callback to a member function. Applies to BCB3 Applies to BCB4
Borland code can set up a member function to be a Windows callback.  You can do it, too.
Last updated 10-28-1998.

Storing program state in the Windows Registry. Applies to BCB3 Applies to BCB4
Storing information in the Windows Registry may not be as difficult as you think.
Last updated 11-13-1998.

VCL Regular Expression Library Syntax. Applies to BCB4 BCB5 Code Sample
The BCB4 and BCB5 VCL includes a regular expression library.  This paper describes the syntax used by the VCL library and explains where to get more recent versions of the library.
The TTaeRegExp class available on this site implements a simple class for using regular expressions with TRichEdit components.  See the Code Samples section for the sample code.
Last updated 08-27-2000.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have seen these questions asked more than once.  Maybe I have an answer – and, then again, maybe I don't.



Solutions to common problems
Answers to common questions about Rich Edit controls and other WinAPI issues.  Some fixes for known problems with code samples and classes available on this site.  Lots of tidbits and loose ends.
Last updated 03-04-2001.


Information on the new Rich Edit 3.0 control
Version 3.0 adds a few new features.  Here is what I have learned so far and where you can get it.
Last updated 01-13-2000.


TRichEdit Changes Between BCB4 & BCB5
Naturally, the first thing that I did after upgrading to BCB5 was try to determine what changes had been made to the TRichEdit class.  Here is what I found out.
Last updated 02-23-2000.


Contacting me is easy and welcome.

Please feel free to send me e-mail.  In particular, I am interested in corrections to the site and additional information on Rich Edit controls.  Of course, I am happy to answer questions on just about any topic, so do not hesitate to ask.

(Well, almost any topic.  Please, please do not ask me questions about homework assignments.  Learning is a journey through which you make mistakes, find dead-ends, and think very hard.  You are supposed to struggle a little, maybe a lot, and you would be cheating yourself if I did your assignment for you.  If you need help with homework, please ask your instructor -- he is paid to teach and is, I trust, much better at it than I am.  Having said all of that, I have answered the most frequently asked homework question on the FAQs page -- how to print the results of the C/C++ homework assignment when using Borland C++ Builder.)

You can reach me by e-mail at rediv@bellsouth.net.

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